Tuesday, 12 April 2011


 "SEO" Search Engine Optimization is the process of structuring of web page so that it ready to find by the search engines in most effective manner by the search engines while search by the searchers.
                    The main motive behind the process is the improve the viability of web site in this competitive   business world.
Why SEO ?
                     Think that what it would be like if no one could easily find our business,or even products ,address. Mostly the business not willing to be like inviable for searcher for long period.
 Let us consider if we searching for a site which we did not know even url which is difficult to find us in search engines which is best in the industry. 
                  While searching in Google we can't find out the site we are looking for as instead of that we find so many other websites which are related or not for query .
                  Why a searcher find such difficulty in finding the website that the webmaster did't go through SEO,
 as all search engines are indexed sites on basic of different algorithm for getting results in search pages, to get listed by the search engines we need to do seo on basic of considering the search engines algorithms.
As we are in starting stage its hard to go through paid or in organic form of getting visible in the search engines, its a stage to find results through organic form of "seo".
         In SEO process we have two parts 
  •  On Page Optimization.
  •  Off Page Optimization. 
        "On Page Optimization"  is the process which effect directly the visible part of the web pages in the web site .

      "Off Page Optimization" is the process through we build various quality back links.  

In SEO process the main key things need to be consider while we going to promote our site 
  •  Content(king) of the webpages .     
  •   Keywords(density).
  •   Meta tags.
  •   Links(do follow or no do follow).
  •   Google algorithm for page rank. 

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