Saturday, 15 October 2011

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Are you considering Local Seo while optimizing your webpages ?

        Seo as all we know that optimizing our web-pages to more visible for the both searchers and  search engines, so that we will get good traffic to meet our goals.
        While optimizing our web-pages ,there are so many factors to be consider like place, price,product ,promotions. 
        In general sense we can say local Seo as "Optimization of web pages based on our targeted region by considering general factors of Seo"

Main issues:

-Targeted Geographical  area.
-Ip address. 
-Url .(Selection)
-Site in web master tools.
Geographical Area:
       The place where our site blogs to be more impotent  while optimizing our site, as we are looking for traffic form that place. If we are targeting to UK people..we need to build site based on their attitudes and behaviors, and try to host your website at UK servers.

Url( Selection):

The url extensions make the url to targeted geographical area, so that will help the searcher to find local sites. The desired Url be like then it will be benefited to you that while searching people for your site at Uk.

Web-Master tools:

Its better to update our site in Google web-master tool by targeted continent .
 Finely to get more popularized in local place go for
-Submit your site in local directories  and other.
-Post about your site in local classifieds sites.
-Yellow page submission .
-Have  contact address belonged to targeted content on your site.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Link Building Process

              Search engine are made up of the Links and Traffic  by the web pages , so that the searcher can  delivered relevant information form 'SE' spiders to index the web pages and to get the relevant results  to the user.
              As search engines are indexed the website based on updated content ,link building made the SE's to find the news about the new information about our site.
              Now its time to made the links more and more by various process, the process various as
-Organic Process.
              Organic Process of making links is made up of regular method of getting links by various strategics process.The process get more impotence b'coz the results made up are will be long lasting and will give   accurate information form the Google search hits.

Types of Link Formation :

        Getting organic results made the website more friendly to the search engines as they are updated by regulatory  with
-Directory submissions.
-Social Book Marking .
-Classified  Posting.
-Press Releases.
-Blogs posting.
-Form postings.
-Social Media .
-Words of mouths.
-Inorganic Process:

         Inorganic Process it self state that its not a formal methods of getting good back links for the websites.
The process is based up on the that we have choose to get the links by
-Buying links
-Soft wears to get the links
-Links form same domain  and so many .

       As we all made up for best search rank in Google search results for targeted keywords.Google gone considering the more links for the website as much as many give some good search results for the site.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Link Building

How it will look, with a good content and effective desigine for a website and with any proper landing pages ?
Its time to build up the links for the sites came to exits.
A link made with two type its as
 Internal link .
 External links.

Internl link:

Internal link is we have so many page for our site and all the page has some relasion in certain manner, i.e we give some relasion to these page this can we say as Internal Links.

Internal links which are made with keyword and which leads to anothe landing page in the site which is related to that keyword.
 though this user can view the every page of the site and get the relevent information form our site.

External Link:

All of us know that when we cilck on piticular anchore text in the site ,we are landing on the another site this can we consider as extenal link

The external link is made up with anchoer text of an landin page keyword.As keyword is made a key role in the making the link building we need to maintain some proper anchore text with that keywords

Friday, 15 April 2011


          A keyword is word or phrase that  searcher want find in the world wide web.
The success of  webmaster on promoting web is depends  on "Keywords" and there selections .
Every one  want to build their link drive traffic ,as its dependents up on the selecting the proper keywords which is relevant to our site,lack of well chosen keywords is truly terrible mistake to find the site in Google .
Lack of targeted keywords equal  to lack of traffic.

Where  to put the keywords:

1)Title tag:
4)Above your site logo.
5)In the subheadings.
7)With in the paragraph content.
8)Meta title
9)With in links(anchor text)
10)Meta keywords.
11)In URL
12)Image(alt tags)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


 "SEO" Search Engine Optimization is the process of structuring of web page so that it ready to find by the search engines in most effective manner by the search engines while search by the searchers.
                    The main motive behind the process is the improve the viability of web site in this competitive   business world.
Why SEO ?
                     Think that what it would be like if no one could easily find our business,or even products ,address. Mostly the business not willing to be like inviable for searcher for long period.
 Let us consider if we searching for a site which we did not know even url which is difficult to find us in search engines which is best in the industry. 
                  While searching in Google we can't find out the site we are looking for as instead of that we find so many other websites which are related or not for query .
                  Why a searcher find such difficulty in finding the website that the webmaster did't go through SEO,
 as all search engines are indexed sites on basic of different algorithm for getting results in search pages, to get listed by the search engines we need to do seo on basic of considering the search engines algorithms.
As we are in starting stage its hard to go through paid or in organic form of getting visible in the search engines, its a stage to find results through organic form of "seo".
         In SEO process we have two parts 
  •  On Page Optimization.
  •  Off Page Optimization. 
        "On Page Optimization"  is the process which effect directly the visible part of the web pages in the web site .

      "Off Page Optimization" is the process through we build various quality back links.  

In SEO process the main key things need to be consider while we going to promote our site 
  •  Content(king) of the webpages .     
  •   Keywords(density).
  •   Meta tags.
  •   Links(do follow or no do follow).
  •   Google algorithm for page rank. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Technology Trends & Digital Marketing

The modern advanced technology brought the worlds great stride in the name of Digital Marketing . When you're traveling for a source of information, you don't want to wast time and money then its time to move for new trend Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the way to getting promoted  through digital media like "World Wide Web", &"Electronic Media" like TV's Radio's and Mobile's and other.

Its involves the user looking source can get the content through Digital Media like searching directly in the world wide web  and
in other way of digi marketing  the author has to send the information to user like "SMS","RSS","EMAIL". Its a Unique way of getting communicated to the user by using various technology.

The latest trends in this Digital  Marketing
"Social Media Marketing " which replace the trend of personal mailing.
"Online advertising" ,"Mobile Marketing","Online Promotions",'Networking",'Blogging","Affiliation"  which brings the unique way of getting promoted through web.