Thursday, 16 June 2011

Link Building

How it will look, with a good content and effective desigine for a website and with any proper landing pages ?
Its time to build up the links for the sites came to exits.
A link made with two type its as
 Internal link .
 External links.

Internl link:

Internal link is we have so many page for our site and all the page has some relasion in certain manner, i.e we give some relasion to these page this can we say as Internal Links.

Internal links which are made with keyword and which leads to anothe landing page in the site which is related to that keyword.
 though this user can view the every page of the site and get the relevent information form our site.

External Link:

All of us know that when we cilck on piticular anchore text in the site ,we are landing on the another site this can we consider as extenal link

The external link is made up with anchoer text of an landin page keyword.As keyword is made a key role in the making the link building we need to maintain some proper anchore text with that keywords

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