Monday, 11 July 2011

Link Building Process

              Search engine are made up of the Links and Traffic  by the web pages , so that the searcher can  delivered relevant information form 'SE' spiders to index the web pages and to get the relevant results  to the user.
              As search engines are indexed the website based on updated content ,link building made the SE's to find the news about the new information about our site.
              Now its time to made the links more and more by various process, the process various as
-Organic Process.
              Organic Process of making links is made up of regular method of getting links by various strategics process.The process get more impotence b'coz the results made up are will be long lasting and will give   accurate information form the Google search hits.

Types of Link Formation :

        Getting organic results made the website more friendly to the search engines as they are updated by regulatory  with
-Directory submissions.
-Social Book Marking .
-Classified  Posting.
-Press Releases.
-Blogs posting.
-Form postings.
-Social Media .
-Words of mouths.
-Inorganic Process:

         Inorganic Process it self state that its not a formal methods of getting good back links for the websites.
The process is based up on the that we have choose to get the links by
-Buying links
-Soft wears to get the links
-Links form same domain  and so many .

       As we all made up for best search rank in Google search results for targeted keywords.Google gone considering the more links for the website as much as many give some good search results for the site.

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